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“I’ve gone from a sarcastic skeptic to a true believer”

As a busy professional with multiple responsibilities and interests I go hard all the time. Years ago, at the (considerable) prompting of my wife, I tried some nutritionals but I was skeptical because I was already eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. So why bother with nutritionals and supplements? Was I in for a surprise! I had lived with “morning fog” for so long I considered it to be normal. Normal, that is, to sit on the side of the bed and spend 20 minutes trying to wake up and then stagger through the first part of the morning. Very shortly after I started on the nutritionals the morning fog went away and it’s never returned. A new lease on life! And although I had always enjoyed high levels of energy and stamina (thanks, mom!) the levels went even higher. I’ve gone from a sarcastic skeptic to a true believer. Just try to take them away from me now!.

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